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Porsche 928 PES "Typ 960"


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The Model of the Year 2020 comes together with a 184 pages book. The "AutoCult Edition 2020” is a different kind of book - it is THE book for the automotive enthusiast who wants to learn more about the many stories of long forgotten automobiles, brands and other developments. Whether rare, fast or strange – many interesting stories in conjunction with precise historical accuracy, flanked by many historical photographs and illustrations of AutoCult models, make this book (as well as all future editions) a reading experience for those interested in automotive history.

  • Language German and English

At the ‘8. International Technical Conference for Experimental Vehicles’ in October 1980, an exhibition rather unknown to ordinary motorists and public, Porsche exhibited a Type 928, to which the abbreviation ‘PES’ was attached. These three letters did not identify a new vehicle type, but stood for ‘Porsche Experimental Structure’.

At first glance, the cutaway model looked like a partially-finished car as many parts were not installed and bare aluminum components were fitted with specially painted parts within the body structure. A small sign displayed along with the unusual Porsche 928 explained that this was actually a production 928 model fitted with new parts and materials specifically for the purpose of testing and technical innovation. The bodywork was cutaway in numerous locations specifically to showcase innovative ideas that were potential evolutionary advances that would be of interest to technical people attending the conference. For example, the passenger door was purposely removed to depict how new struts and safety ideas were tested to exceed the currently accepted safety standard. In other areas that were visibly different, the focus was placed on increasing passenger comfort with the goal of creating a better environmental balance using innovative materials. The exact goals and degree of technical improvement remained trade secrets with Porsche, but one overall goal was obvious to all in attendance: new materials that were lighter in weight could reduce fuel consumption in daily use. This goal was apparent even to those attendees without a deep technical background. The reduction in weight was achieved through innovative use of advance aluminum materials far more extensively than in current production models.

Due to the numerous special and safety features of the cutaway Porsche 928 PES, soon the vehicle was known as the “Safety Car”; a title created by the motorsport print media. The unique Porsche has not been forgotten as it has been presented at the annual ‘Techno Classica’ and is a highlighted presentation in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. 


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